Leslieandre Photography

Leslie Andre

Since my earliest memories, I have had a passion and deep regard for life and beauty. I love animals and find solace in nature. I have a love for all arts, dance, and in particular contemporary and classical ballet (which is most familiar to me) but I like and photograph all forms of dance.

I began my formal ballet training at the age of eight, and have been connected with the dance world all of my life. Following my professional career as a dancer and choreographer, I have continued teaching and choreographing, both of which I still enjoy immensely.

As a dancer I have always had a fascination with and a dream to capture that illusive, split second moment of perfection and ecstasy from candid studio moments to individual shoots and live performances. I love being able to show dancers their artistic beauty captured in a photograph and seeing their faces light up. I am blessed to have the opportunity to share my art with other dancers and relive those moments of perfection. My camera sees with a dancer’s eye - with my camera I capture those real emotional and beautiful moments that are ballet: beauty and grace.